Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Varia Stunt Costume!

After many years of searching for the last few pieces, and thanks to a very kind friend of mine, I now have a near complete Varia stunt costume! Very exciting! This costume, as most fans know, is a very recognizable, elaborate, detailed piece of work that consists of several pieces. A top/bra, leather thin skirt, stunt harness, gorgeous belt, deerskin wrist wraps, deerskin boot toppers, a beaded legband, headband, detailed single upper armband, and deerskin shoulder wrap. I also have the leather scabbard and Varia sword as well as her gorgeous staff shown (and broken by) Gab in POV. I have two of the tops. I have two deerskin shoulder wraps, one says "LUCY" in it. We know that Lucy did not have a special costume made for her but wore one of the other (we think 4) that were made. The one Lucy took home was recently auctioned off for Starship and in her interview she mentioned that the costume was particularly revealing for her because Varia is so much shorter than Xena. LOL!

Thanks to kindred spirit and all around awesome guy PHIL for providing me with the FINAL piece to this outfit, the beaded legband!!!! Phil won one of the Varia costumes in the Starship Charity auction, the one Lucy took home and donated for the sale. Since Lucy did not wear the legband in her brief appearance in this costume, Phil was willing to part with it, so now I have a COMPLETE Varia costume! Thank you PHIL!!

The pieces in this posting are the LATEST pieces I have acquired; please see my other earlier postings for the rest of the costume. I will combine them soon. Enjoy the pictures.

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